About Me

My name is Dan Keogh and I am a Soft Tissue Therapist with over 6 years experience within elite sports. Immediately following my post-graduate diploma with NLSSM I joined West Ham United as a first team therapist where I enjoyed 2 very successful years with two respectable mid-table finishes following promotion.

From the south-east I moved to Broadway, Worcestershire where I am currently located to work as the Lead Soft Tissue Therapist for Worcester Warriors. My technical involvement at Warriors was exactly what I love - the knitty gritty, hands on side of therapy to get people moving and optimise their performance. Following 3 brilliant years in Worcester I moved to West Bromwich Albion again as Lead Soft Tissue Therapist where I was again part of a cutting edge, multi-disciplinary medical team.

Now, as a result of building a fantastic client base within the North Cotswold region I am freelance on a full time basis. Thus, my skill set is now available throughout the week on a mobile basis in the comfort of your own home.